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Feast of Tabernacles at Lake Swan Camp near Melrose, Florida

Hosted by PJ and Christi Jones
San Mateo, FL 32189
Phone 386-530-1437

Featuring Praise and Worship by Lenny & Varda, and Howie & Aline

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Come join us in celebrating together the Feast of Tabernacles at Lake Swan Camp near Melrose, Florida.  Lake Swan offers RV sites, primitive camping and motel-type rooms for your camping needs. Along with the numerous opportunities to hear from a number of gifted teachers, there will be daily Messianic praise and worship.  Enjoy dancing, and hearty fellowship – all intended to bring us closer to the true meaning of the festival.

Yeshua observed all of God’s festival at the Temple in Jerusalem.  Many of His teachings were within the context of the Jewish culture and traditions of His day.  To help illustrate one of His most important messages, we will re-enact the “Water Pouring Ceremony” that Yeshua participated in as He observed the festival in Jerusalem.

The Feast Days are based on the visual sighting of the moon in the Biblical seventh month.  The Feast of Tabernacles 2013 begins at sundown September 20, 2013 through sundown September 28 2013 (because September 28th is a Sabbath, we will break down camp on Sunday, September 29th, 2013).


NW Sukkot and Hebrew Nation have teamed up to bring you the One Nation Sukkot!
September 20-30, 2013
Canby Grove Conference Center and Camp
7501 Knights Bridge Road
Canby OR 97013