Welcome to ARI!

If this is your first visit to our site, we welcome you to the reunion of both the houses of Israel, to the place where the two sticks of Ephraim and Judah—and their companions—are being made one stick in the Father’s hand! (Isaiah 8:14; Ezekiel 37:15-28).

We desire to see all Israel be restored in the Messiah. Our hope is to bring great and wonderful changes to Ephraim, to non-Jewish Israel, and to help them be a blessing to their Jewish brothers. In this way, we seek to help build up the Father’s two chosen families, to help them to know that He has not forsaken nor forgotten either one of them—and that He never will! (Jeremiah 33:24-26).

If you have felt a stirring in your spirit about “your Hebrew roots,” if you have felt drawn to celebrate the Sabbath and the feasts of Israel, or felt an unexplainable love for the Jewish people, then we suggest that you too are part of this rebuilding and restoring work the Father is doing in this hour.

Who is this people who are now being restored to many of the ancient truths of Scripture?

Though some make it complicated, we have found the truth about Israel to be very simple:

Long ago the Father divided Israel into two houses: Ephraim (Israel) and Judah. Those of the Northern Kingdom of Ephraim, or Israel, were destined to become a scattered “melo hagoyim,” a “fullness of the nations,” and to one day be regathered and become “Sons of the Living God.” These two houses of Israel have been “two witnesses” for the God of Israel, they have been witnessing to His twin truths of Law and Grace. YHVH scattered His two houses in two different directions to accomplish two different purposes; and, in this last day He would have them, and their companions, come together, that they might confirm His truth in the earth (Genesis 48:19; 1 Kings 12:15,24; Hosea 1:10-11; John 8:17; Romans 9:26).

We believe we are the beginnings of that reunited and restored people, and we seek to be better witnesses for YHVH’s eternal truths. We desire to be a people who actually walk in His life-giving truths. We pray that this also is your desire.

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Again, we welcome you,

Angus and Batya and Everyone at the Alliance of Redeemed Israel