We want to wish you a most blessed Shabbat!

Our prayer is that you will have a time of growing in your under-standing of, and love for the Holy One of Israel. May His Ruach, His Spirit, fill your home as you prepare for a special set-apart time. May He bless you and those with whom you gather. If you are alone, we especially ask that Abba would give His angels charge over you and make you know that, in Him, you are never alone!!

We hope you will check out the Torah Portions and Scripture Studies posted by our various friends, plus see the Jewish Torah Portion Coloring Pages that are available for the children. See them here:

In addition, we ask you to please pray for our plans to move forward in creating Redeemed Israel coloring pages for children. Batya is working with an artist who helped her many years ago with her feast book, Lelani Delacruz. Batya is writing the teaching text to go with the pictures and she feels there is a special sweetness to Lelani’s artwork. Our plan is to post a link to one downloadable picture per week for a year, and then to put them into a coloring book, and then start with a second book.

If you have suggestions for this project, please drop a note to Batya right away.

The initials for ALLIANCE of REDEEMED ISRAEL are A.R.I., the Hebrew word for Lion; which comes from arah, which means to gather. As you gather for Shabbat, we pray that you will know that the Lion of Judah is watching over you and that you will be greatly encouraged!


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