As we wish you “Shabbat Shalom” this week, we are featuring the album cover, “The Return” by Will Spires.

We chose this cover because Passover and its related feasts are coming, and people are often of different opinions about how and when to celebrate them. It is our prayer that, as we seek to “Return” to the ancient paths of our forefathers, even as much as we seek to be obedient to that which we know, we would seek to treat our brethren who do not understand the same things with mercy and kindness.

At our last Labor Day Weekend ARI Gathering, we encouraged people to enter into a chuppah and make a personal commitment to YHVH. On its walls were two signs, one for the way we need to lead our lives, and one for the way we need to treat others. For us as individuals, it must always be a matter of “Commitment without Compromise,” and to others we show “Mercy without Measure.”

As we seek to reunite the whole house of Israel we need to try to live by these simple standards. We also might want to learn to sing one of the songs on Will Spires’ CD. It is called, “The Road to Zion.” Its words read like an anthem:

We are traveling the road to Zion 
    We are walking in Abba’s way 
    Road marks, long ago set to guide us 

    Brothers weeping, no more to betray

    We are Ephraim and Yehudah
    We are restored Yisrael 
    Brothers all, longing for Divine reunion 
    Tribal clans, seeking in peace to dwell
    We are the offspring of Ya’acov 
    We are the inheritance of Yisrael 
    We are the children of Messiah Yeshua 
    We are redeemed Yisrael 

    (See Jeremiah 31:7-21; 50:4-6; Ezekiel 37:15-28).

We offer a video of Will’s song on our Songs and Videos Page, his CD is in the ARI Shop:

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We’re getting closer! We hope to have the unique feast book, Israel’s Feasts and their Fullness available on Amazon’s Kindle later today! We experienced delays because we had to make some typesetting and editorial changes in order to fit their standards (no drop caps, no Hebrew text, etc.). The link below will take you to the Feast book and you can hopefully find the Kindle version there as soon as it is posted.

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Our ALLIANCE of REDEEMED ISRAEL acronym is ARI, the Hebrew word for Lion; which comes from arah, which means to gather. So, we hope you will join us for our upcoming Labor Day ARI Gathering in Orlando. We want to gather to seek a deeper, Hebraic understanding of what it means to truly “worship” the God of Israel. We think it more far-reaching than we ahve been taught. In addition, we plan to kick off things with a pre-Gathering “Round Table Discussion” about congregational life and all that pertains to it. And that should make things interesting! =:-/

his year, the meeting will be led by ARI Shepherds, Wally Smith and John Conrad. We are calling it a “Round Table,” because we want people to face each other and truly be involved in the process. The meeting will be very interactive, a time when the people speak and ask questions. We hope you’ll join us:

Blessings to you as you celebrate the Feasts!

May your Shabbat be a blessed one!
Alliance of Redeemed Israel

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